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Quality Decorative Marble

Adria Grigio Venato
Afyon Sugar
Amarillo Triana
Ambassador Black
Arabescato Orobico Gold
Arabescato Orobico Grigio
Arabescato Orobico Rosso
Arabescato Vagli 2
Arabescato Vagli
Asia Gold
Aurisina Unita
Azul Cielo
Azul Pinta Smeralda
Azzurro Cielo
Bale Beige
Bardiglio Imperiale Extra
Beige Atlantide
Bianco Carrara Cd
Bianco Carrara Gioia
Bianco Carrara
Black Marquina
Black Rose
Blue Lapis
Bonpierre Rose
Botticino Classico 2
Botticino Classico
Botticino Fiorito Dark
Botticino Fiorito
Botticino Semiclassico Li
Botticino Semiclassico
Breccia Antique
Breccia Aurora 2
Breccia Aurora
Breccia Capraia
Breccia De Vendome
Breccia Di Fawakir
Breccia Dorata
Breccia Medicea
Breccia Nouvelle
Breccia Oniciata 3
Breccia Oniciata Light
Breccia Oniciata
Breccia Paradiso 2
Breccia Paradiso
Breccia Pernice 2
Breccia Pernice
Breccia Pontificia 2
Breccia Pontificia
Breccia Sarda 2
Breccia Sarda
Breccia Tavira
Breche De Vendome Gold
Breche De Vendome
Breche Notre Dame
Breche Nouvelle
Brown Fossil
Cafe Forest
Caffe Latte
Calacatta Bluette
Calacatta Carrara Extra
Calacatta Carrara
Calacatta Gold Dark 2
Calacatta Gold Dark
Calacatta Gold
Calacatta Ondulatto
Calacatta Oro
Calacatta Verde
Calacatta Viola
Cedar Breche
Chandon Rouge
Cherry Blossom
Chestnut Brown
Cipollino Ondulato 2
Cipollino Ondulato
Cream Valencia
Crema Marfil Cream
Crema Marfil Pink
Crema Royal
Crema Valencia
Cremo Delicato
Cremo Tirreno
Cristallino Salome
Crystal Pink
Dark Emperador

Perfect choice for kitchen worktops, flooring, fireplaces, bath/Jacuzzi surrounds and wall cladding. Also due to it’s exceptional strength ideal choice for outside installations.

Choosing Worktops for Your Kitchen Workspace

There is no material that can bring class and elegance to your kitchen the way marble worktops can. It is an ideal choice for countertops and workstations. While marble can seem expensive when you are comparing its price to other countertops, its durability and enduring style makes it a very cost-effective choice.

Laminate countertops are far less expensive that marble, but they fail to come close to marble in terms of quality, durability or style. When you have a laminate countertop of any kind, you would never cut on it. However, there’s usually someone in every house who will neglect to use a cutting board, and then you are left with unsightly scratches in your laminate. These gradually fill with dirt and germs that are next to impossible to completely clean. The natural properties of marble make it nearly impossible to scratch with any kitchen knife. Marble is actually commonly chosen as a cutting board material. So, while you still may not want someone to cut the meat directly on the counter; if they do it won’t actually damage your counter.

This same quality also makes the marble highly resistant to bacteria. With laminate counters you often have to use anti-bacterial cleaners that have noxious fumes to be sure they are clean. When you choose marble, you can use a mild detergent and still know that the surface is clean and ready for use.

People are often concerned that their marble countertops will stain. While this is a valid concern, it is one that is easily addressed. Your marble surfaces can be sealed to prevent staining. While this should be done once every year to eighteen months, it is not an expensive or difficult process. And it will help your countertop to last for many decades to come.

Perhaps you already have countertops you are happy with in your kitchen. You can bring in a touch of marble in a workstation or island. When you do this, you will still bring a touch of class into your kitchen that will increase the appeal of the entire room. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits and pleasures of working with marble, without having to replace every inch of counter space.

When you choose marble for any of your kitchen work surfaces, you are bringing a high level of class and elegance into your home. Marble has a smoothness and lustre that is unparalleled with man-made materials. Your entire kitchen will shine and sparkle. And marble comes in a wide range of lovely colour choices. You can find almost any shade you are seeking, and can often also choose from a variety of colour patterns. When you choose marble you can select something subdued, something bold and dramatic, or almost anything in between. The best part of choosing marble is that you will never tire of it, and it can truly be the last workstation surface you will have to buy. We also offer a large range of granite worktops available in same level of quality and choice you can expect from London Granite.

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