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Silestone worktops

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen and you want to furnish it with something that looks beautiful, is elegant, durable, and hygienic and has that glazed effect then silestone worktops are the best option for your kitchen. They have so many features and not only do they look sleek but they are highly durable. Your kitchen would really look exquisite and stylish if you are able to move away from the contemporary types of worktops. You must choose a type of worktop that can withstand pressure, maintain the hygiene of the kitchen and is able to resist bacterial attack. This way your kitchen would look as good as new for a long time. America’s leading kitchen sets are available with Silestone worktops. The following are the features of these worktops.

They give your kitchen a really neat and modern look at a low cost. They are solid and sturdy being stronger than even granite. They are made of non-porous materials. You can install these with any kind of kitchen sink, be it mounted or under mounted; you can install them around drainer grooves too. You can make these work tops last longer if you remember to use a chopping board for cutting food on. They are highly resistant to vinegar, limejuice, wine, coffee and tea. Apart from this, they do not chip or crack easily. It would be advisable to use some kind of protective pads or trivets instead of placing hot pans directly on these worktops. These trivets can be made of stainless steel and are available in different thickness. Trivets make your kitchen look more attractive and protect your worktop from damage. It is possible to attach these permanently with a simple adhesive. When you take these protective measures for your silestone worktops, you are prolonging their life and beauty.

Silestone worktops are made of quartz. Quartz is a natural material that is abundantly available. Because they are almost as hard as diamond, they make perfect worktops. Not only are they hard, they also have an unusual depth, clarity and brilliant radiance. Worktops made of quartz have long lasting are affordably priced. In addition, they require a minimum amount of maintenance because they have stain resistant features. They do not deteriorate quickly because they are scratch resistant too. You can easily clean them up by using a damp cloth and then a non-bleach tile cleaner. These worktops can withstand long weather conditions. Worktops made of quartz look beautiful because of the various shades and colors they come in. These worktops are usually man made. Apart from quartz, these worktops have other chemical compounds and which prevents the attack of several bacteria. Because of this reason, many consider these worktops cleaner and more hygienic than all other contemporary worktops.

People prefer quartz to any other material for worktops because quartz is readily available in any geological environment such as sand, earth and definitely rocks. This is one reason why these worktops are inexpensive. Silestone is a better competitor than other natural quartz material because of its easy availability, incomparable delivery capacity and extensive variation in colours

People prefer Silestone worktops because it is consistent in color; it cuts easily to fit any shape and size. Since it is dense and nonporous, no sealant is required so there is no fear of chemical harm. Apart from beautifying your kitchen, you can apply silestone in many other ways as well. You can install it not only in your kitchen but also in your bathroom as well. It adds a kind of unique beauty when you install it on the shower walls and around the sink and the tub. It would suit your bathroom well because of its non-porous quality. You can even put it down as flooring for your new house. To know just how exquisite silestone flooring looks you would have to try it out on your floor.

There are various kinds of Silestone worktops so you should have no problem choosing one that completely satisfies you. You can choose the Ivory Coast from their series of worktops. It is light in color and looks elegant. The other versatile varieties that are light in color are the Blanco Maple, Nile, Sonora Gold, Yukon, Blanco Dali, Tigris Stand, Rhine, Blanco Zeus, Gris Expo, Blanco Norte and Olimpo. If you like darker colors choose from Rain Forest, Mahogany, Ebony Pearl, Amazon, Mississippi and Negro Tebas. These names are just samples of different varieties of such worktops. There are many other types in vibrant colors, which enhance the look of your kitchen.

Usually people spend a lot of money and time renovating a house, but neglecting the kitchen. With worktops made of quartz you can have a bespoke kitchen and a convenient and user-friendly room where you can spend your time. There are many websites highlighting various kinds of silestone worktops. You can get premium quality worktops fit to your specifications for a newly modelled kitchen that is the envy of your guests. You should definitely try out a good brand of these worktops and you will be awed at their surpassed quality, reliability and performance.

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